Denise Daniel

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Her persistence in proving herself as a true Wheaten admirer and breeder has gained her respect and admiration by her Wheaten peers and lovers.

One only needs to spend a few minutes with Denise before realizing her extraordinary love of Wheatens. She began 12 years ago with Brandi and then acquired Star, the namesake for her kennel, “Star Wheatens”.

You can generally find anywhere from four to ten Wheatens at Denise’s home, depending on which of her dogs are visiting or whelping a litter, so “organized chaos” is the phrase that usually comes to mind. She often comments that she must be crazy to be so involved with her dogs and still go to school and hold down a demanding job while trying to maintain her home and her sense of humor. We think she’s crazy all right … crazy in love with and devoted to the welfare of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Taken from the Fall 1997 issue of “Tale Waggers”.