Linda Halick

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The first time I saw a Wheaten, its unique appearance caught my eye. I was in my veterinarian’s office (I had 2 cats at the time) and there were two dogs in the waiting room, I asked what kind of dog it was and they replied… “they’re Wheatens”… Little did I know that ten years later in 2002, I would have my own Wheaten!

In March of 2002, I went to the DKC show at COBO Hall to see if I couyld find a companion for my Schnauzer, Ben, who I got from the Dearborn Animal Shelter. All of the Schnauzer owners were in the ring so I walked down the next aisle and saw these beautiful dogs, the Wheatens! I didn’t know a thing about the Wheaten breed, so I asked a few questions and then was introduced to breeder Karen Mueller.

I told Karen my story and she said she had a 3 year female that was looking to place in a good home… her name was PIPER.

I took Ben to meet Piper and it was love at first sight for the two canines! They behaved as though they had been with each other since birth. Two weeks later, Karen brought Piper to my home and the rest is history. They are good entertainers and a real joy to be with; I could tell many stories.

For the years Piper was with Karen, she had won many dog show competitions and retired at the age of three. Since 2002, Piper has had 3 litters and I see many of her offspring at the annual Wheaten picnic. Not only is Piper a good companion to my Schnauzer, but she is a wonderful companion to me.

The MCSCWTC is a wonderful organization and I have made many new friends since joining. I have participated in many activities of the club and look forward to many more. As of this year, 2009, I am a new Board member and will be part of the Boutique team. I am most definitely an avid support of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breed.