About our Breed

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten was bred as an all-purpose farm dog and family companion in Ireland. Hew was used for hunting vermin and herding domestic animals. He became a valuable family member, which may account for his gentleness when compared with other terriers.

He shares a common ancestry with the Irish Terrier and Kerry Blue Terrier, but is distinguished by his soft, silky coat and merry disposition.

What you should expect from a reputable breeder …


  • Show their dogs in conformation.
  • Allow you to see the dogs BEFORE TAKING A DEPOSIT.
  • NOT make health guarantee contingent on buying and using special products which the breeder happens to sell.
  • Assure healthiest puppies possible by breeding healthiest stock. “Provide proof that the mother and father of the puppy have had the following done:
    a) Complete CBC blood profile, including BUN
    b) Urinalysis, including Protein / Creatinine Ratio
    c) OFA certification for hip dysplasia
    d) Certification of parent’s eyes by a canine Ophthalmologist.
  • Attend to the needs of puppies before placing. Includes removal of dew claws, worming, appropriate fecal tests, puppy shots and in most cases tail docking.
  • Raise puppies in a clean, home environment with plenty of opportunity for socialization.
  • Breed only the dogs that exemplify the AKC Breed Standard in both appearance and temperament.
  • Remain available for support and assistance for the life of your dog.
  • Show you AKC pedigrees for both the mother and father of the puppies.
  • Insists upon getting the dog back if the buyer is no longer able to keep the dog.